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Current papers under submission:

Ethos Shell Language (El), Oct, 2013 (Giovanni Nebbiante, Jon A. Solworth)

A shell composes disparate operating system facilities to provide higher level functionality. Ethos' shell--named E--integrates its type sytem, networked pipesi, duals and tools operting on generic data structures while being easier to read than traditional shells.

Published: Heading link

  • Ethos’ Deeply Integrated Distributed Types, IEEE Security and Privacy Workshop on LangSec, May, 2014 (W. Michael Petullo, Wenyuan Fei, Jon A. Solworth, Patrick Gavlin).Operating systems which have traditionally incorporated user-space typing have done so around a single programming language or runtime. We describe here Ethos’ typing which is multi-programming language, safe for distributed systems, and ensures that user-space programs never see illformed data.
  • MinimaLT: Minimal-latency Networking Through Better Security, CCS’13, Nov, 2013 (W. Michael Petullo, Xu Zhang, Jon A. Solworth, Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange).Faster than TCP/IP, simpler than TLS, public-key authentication, with extensive privacy and denial of service protections.
  • Authentication in Ethos, June, 2013 (W. Michael Petullo, Jon A. Solworth).Ethos’s mechanisms for both local and network authentication. Authentication is inescapably integrated at the system level, and all authentication is performed by Ethos, not applications.
  • Digital Identity Security Architecture in Ethos, Worshop on Digitial Identity Management, CCS, Oct, 2011 (W. Michael Petullo, Jon A. Solworth).The strongest form of authentication is certificates since it is possible to tie an action to to a users. This paper describes how such certificates are created in Ethos, and Ethos’s protections against attack on this mechanism.
  • Simple-to-use, Secure-by-design Networking in Ethos, European Conference on System Security (EUROSEC’13), a EuroSys workshop, Apr, 2013 (W. Michael Petullo, Jon A. Solworth).A short overview on Ethos neworking with a focus on network authorization.
  • The lazy kernel hacker and application programmer, ReSoLve’13, an ASPLOS workshop, Mar, 2013 (W. Michael Petullo, Jon A. Solworth).Building a new operating system is an enormous undertaking. If you are going to do it you need to have either an enormous budget or to find ways to reduce the work involve. Here are some of the things we have done to make it feasible to build Ethos.