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Binary install into VirtualBox

Steps: Heading link

  • Download the binary image:
    • Download (1.5GB) Ethos image here
    • Download Checksum sha256
    • Check integrity with sha256sum -c Fedora24-ethos-binaries-2017-10-25.ova.sha256
  • Import the binary image to your VirtualBox.
  • On the Ethos VM
    • Login to Ethos VM using the following credentials:
          username: ethos
          password: ethos
    • Setup the network connectivity with your VM.
    • You can find the guest IP for port forwarding by running ifconfig on your Ethos VM.
    • Set up port forwarding to your VM.
    • After this you should be able to login to ethos VM from your host machine using
      ssh -p port ethos@

      where port is the port number used.

    • Once logged in, follow the steps given in developer’s manual to initialize and run an ethos instance. A summary of steps is given below:
  • You should have gotten your SSH public key setup for the ethos git server by now,
  • copy the same public-key pair over to this VM and create a config file in ~/.ssh/ directory and specify the same username in it
  • Make sure you change the permissions of ~/.ssh/config file to 600 level.
  • Clone and build ethos
    	# get ethos
    	git clone
    	cd ethos && bin/gt pullall
    	# checkout to workingMaster branch.
    	bin/gt checkout workingMaster
    	# build ethos
    	#  completely remove the previous ethos binaries on your VM.
    	sudo -E make uninstall && sudo rm -rf /tmp/ethos
            # Kill the cryptoService using
    	sudo killall -9 cryptoService
    	# to install the freshly compiled ethos binaries.
    	sudo -E make install
  • Run ethos
    • In one terminal, run
      cd ~
      sudo rm -rf server
      ethosParams server
      cd server
      ethosBuilder && minimaltdBuilder
      sudo ethosRun
    • In second terminal, run
      cd ~/server && sudo minimaltdRun
    • In third terminal, run
       cd ~/server && sudo et server.ethos
  • Run ethosLog . in the directory of your instance to get and share the running logs.

NOTE: It is highly recommended for beginners to read Developers Manual and GoOnEthos Manual. Public information about the project consists of these these web pages and papers published in conferences. We are still publishing our results. Since we spent all this time building Ethos, we would like to be the first to measure it and write about it.