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Getting Started

How to get Ethos running on your system Heading link

Ethos is an open source project, but we are not yet ready to release the source code. Here are our research plans:

  • Ethos is not yet complete. There is still core OS semantics to implement. Once it is complete, we will release a research prototype.
  • Ethos implementation needs hardening. We have been busy working on Ethos’ design, the key to Ethos security. One group spent a decade working on a secure design, it is an intensive process. Once we have a research prototype we will need to harden it. We intend to do this, producing a robust OS. We expect this to be more work than building a research prototype.
  • To increase the benefit of this software, we are trying to break off pieces of it, and make them available. The first piece is our network stack which implements MinimaLT.

Public information about the project consists of these these web pages and papers published in conferences. We are still publishing our results. Since we spent all this time building Ethos, we would like to be the first to measure it and write about it.