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Recent News Events

  • I’m starting to tweet news @JonSolworth.
  • UIC is searching for Systems Faculty.
  • Jon Solworth presented a talk on Ethos at You broke the Internet at the 30th Chaos Computer Congress.
  • Dan Bernstein, Tanja Lange, and Nadia Heninger presented “The Year In Crypto” at the 30th Chaos Computer Congress.
  • Mike Petullo presented MinimaLT at ACM Computer and Communications Conference in Nov. 2013.
  • I’ve just put a slew of Ethos papers on-line, see this
  • We’ve released Ethos’s network protocol “MinimaLT: Minimal-latency Networking Through Better Security” by W. Michael Petullo, Xu Zhang, Jon A. Solworth, Daniel J. Bernstein, and Tanja Lange.
  • Jon A. Solworth gave a talk on May 21st at IEEE Security and Privacy: Clean slate vs. compatibility: The struggle for new system software layers

  • Jon A. Solworth gave a talk on May 3rd at Greater Chicago Area Systems Research Workshop, Ethos: A layered approached to secure applications

  • W. Michael Petullo defended his Ph.D. thesis on May 15th, 2013.
  • An Ethos paper on secure networking has been accepted to the EuroSec workshop at EuroSys in Prague. Mike Petullo is lead author and presenter.
  • Wenyuan and Muxuan Fei’s son Daniel was born on March 12th.
  • Two more Ethos papers have been accepted, this time to the Resolve Workshop at ASPLOS. Mike Petullo is the lead author and presenter.
  • Mike Petullo gave a talk at University of Wisconsin, Madison on Ethos.
  • Ethos now runs on 64-bit, the result of 6 months determined effort to root out bugs in the the 64-bit port which made it unusable. Kudos to Xu Zhang and Mike Petullo and to Pat Gavlin and Andrei Warkentin for the original port.
  • CS 486, Secure Operating System Design and Implementation course has been approved by the department’s graduate and undergraduate committees.
  • The first Ethos paper has been published at ACM DIM, the ACM workshop on Digital Identity Management.